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There are three modes of transport that are used by human beings to traverse around the world. Air transport is the most advanced and developed mode of transport. Also is the most risky mode of transport. There are several equipment’s that are used to transport people and goods from one place to another. Air transport can be divided into two main forms: domestic and international flights. Air transport is made possible by using helicopters, hot air balloons, parachuting, airplanes, jets, blimps, gliders, and hang gliding. There are well modified so that to make air transport easy and manageable. The technology used to make these air vehicles is one of the best in the world.


They are a kind of planes that have several abilities like lifting horizontally. A helicopter does not need a big place to land or take off from it only needs a small place that it can land on like the helipad. These kinds of planes are mostly popular by police service, military, transport, media, transport of people from one point to the other and also rescue missions like rescuing people who are stranded either in the sea. Helicopters used by militaries of the world are most advanced because they are built to carry a big capacity. They area also modified to attack from the air or even shipping military personnel to war zone area. Transport helicopters has the ability to carry a smaller number of people like six and they are only modified to make flights that are not of long distance.

Commercial Aircrafts

These are aircrafts that are made to carry a big number of passengers and mostly operate internationally or domestic. There aped is relatively high and mostly safety precautions are taken when flying these aircrafts. They land on marked and recognized air ports with good runways. In these aircrafts seating arrangements is in classes that are: first-class, business class, and economy class. It should be noted that commercial aircrafts not all of them qualify to be jets.

Private Jets

They are the most luxurious planes because they have comfortable seats and they carry small number of passengers. Private jets are good because they are more private like the name, one gets to enjoy freedom or private time with family or close friends.one has no restrictions on what to do in the jet. They are first because most private jets have their own landing and takeoff place. They are also first and on time since no long queues that are experienced like in the commercial airlines. Most prominent people charter flights in this private jets.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon is an air vehicle that is used to fly on a small distance for leisure. The craft consist of a bag that is commonly known as an envelope that has heated air hence the name hot air balloon. Below the balloon there is a wicker basket that is used to carry passenger around. The heated air in the balloon makes it to takeoff in the air it gives it buoyance. Hot air balloon mostly do not have empty leg flights. Most of these balloons are common in Europe and parts of Asia during festivals.

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