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When it comes to packing light for air travel, no one knows more or does it better than flight attendant’s. So, when you are looking for advice on how you can pack light, you better believe that a flight attendant would be the best person to ask. According to an article, flight attendants have to pack lightly and for all various types of climates so they know what they are talking about. You be best carrying your items in a rolling suitcase. Rolling suitcases are not only easier to get around but also prevent your clothes from wrinkling. When packing your rolling suitcase, be sure that all the heavy items are on the bottom where the tires are this way it will be easier to drag through the airport. Be sure that you also bring your swimsuit and flip-flops because they could come in handy and besides, they don’t take up that much space. The items that people tend to pack too many of shoes and outfits. You really don’t need that many outfits or shoes. Be sure you pack up your smartphone because it can be used to take pictures and as well as for reading a book or playing games. But don’t forget the charger and a battery pack for your phone so that you don’t run out of juice.



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